4 Ways To Reduce Commercial Auto Insurance Premiums

If you are in the transportation industry, chances are business is good. With a forecasted job growth of 108 percent, it’s one of the nation’s booming industries. Keeping your company on the move, however, requires commercial auto insurance. Whether you have a fleet of trucks or a single vehicle, insurance protects your business in case of accidents, and with an average of 6 million accidents per year in the U.S., that coverage couldn’t be more important. That protection comes at a price, however. Insurance rates may be on the rise, but there are tips you can take to reduce your premium. Here are four.

Opt For Safety Features

Investing in vehicles with safety features could pay off in the end. Advancements in technology now offer enhancements such as automatic braking, shatter-resistant glass, rear vision cameras, and blind-spot threat detection. These features may reduce the opportunity for accidents while providing additional safety for those in the vehicle.

Hire Safe Drivers

Whether you operate a flower delivery service or airport shuttle galveston tx, make sure your employees have safe driving records. Individuals with a history of traffic tickets and other incidents may not possess desired decision-making skills, let alone qualify as good drivers. Employing such individuals can also drive up premiums.

Keep Vehicles Well-Tuned

Vehicles must undergo an annual inspection, but a lot can happen over the course of a year. Schedule periodic maintenance for all vehicles. Additionally, have weekly safety checks to inspect tire tread, turn signals, and parking and braking lights.

Invest in Training

Provide training courses for your employees. Even with a clear record, a driver can always improve his or her skills. Training sessions offer valuable lessons in handling a vehicle in inclement weather or other stressful situations from the safety of a controlled environment.

Don’t let commercial auto insurance prices leave you feeling stuck in neutral. Employ these tips to stay on the road to success.